Thursday, October 27, 2005

Roofless in Houston and other silly questions

Ok, the Sox won. Nice job. Houston attorney Lisa Sechelski is planning to file a class action suit against MLB and Commissioner Bud Selig. Is she nuts? She is filing on behalf of fans who, she says,got sick because they were not given adequate notice that the roof would be open, and therefore were not prepared for cold temperatures.This is not a joke. Is this silly? Yes. Will it go to court? Unlikely. Waste of time? Yes. This suit does not envolve the Astros, even though they wanted the roof closed. Did the open roof contribute to the demise of the Astros? Maybe, but the lack of run support probably did. Even the meltdown of Brad Lidge was less of a factor compared to leaving 29 runners on base. The lack of run support for the good pitching was the most important factor. The bigger question now is will Roger be back? What about Bagwell? Team owner Drayton McLane has already said he will do whatever he can to make sure Roger comes back. Bagwell is already planning rehab to try to insure that his shoulder will be strong for next season. Some sports writers say that the team is too old (Biggio, Bagwell, Clemens). These guys are the heart and soul of the team. Some how the team needs to get Chris Burke more playing time. The Astros have a good core, they do need to score runs. Besides there is the small voice asking Clemens and Clemens playing together. Wishful thinking? Maybe, time will tell, probably next September.


S said...

The lawsuit is down right silly! But honestly; we live in a society that loves to sue anyone & everything for anything. It's October in Texas, the weather changes so quickly that who isn't prepared? What a joke!

It was just down right sad last night. But at least it wasn't a blow out. There's always next year.....

cube said...

Unfortunately, crazy lawsuits are the way of the world right now.

BTW I think the Rocket should stay in. He still has heat.