Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Should I Let Go Now?

Finally the noise of the fireworks has stopped. While I don't begrudge anyone the chance to enjoy fireworks, I don't care for the noise. Neither do Lady and Daisy. I spent most of the New Year's weekend evening time holding Daisy on my lap. That was the only way I could keep her quiet. If she was not in a chair with me holding on to her she raced around barking at all the noise. This gets old at 2:00 in the morning. Lady tried to ignore most of the noise by lying in her chair with her blanket over her head. Daisy would only be still if I held her.

While I have seen some colorful firework productions, I'm not thrilled with the neighborhood shows. I don't guess people care if all the noise bothers others. Then the next morning just look at how much mess is left in the street, driveways and parking lots. Even the cars end up covered with debris. I wasn't really happy with that aspect. A white car with trash like that all over it, ugh! Poor little car, no place to hide.

And I really find it hard to justify spending all that money! Fireworks are not cheap and to have even a small celebration costs a lot! Here is a idea. Take a one hundred dollar bill and set it on fire. Oh I know it won't be as spectacular but it would serve the same purpose. Burning up money!

So, today I am going to let Daisy out of my lap and try to get on with the New Year. I am really hoping this one will be better. Now, I have to go see where Daisy left her latest pile since she didn't do it outside this morning.No treat for Daisy.


Stacy said...

We didn't see much of that in our neighborhood this year. Fireworks usually rear their heads a week before July 4 and keep popping that whole week. Our dogs don't much like it either.

Anonymous said...

Treat the dog like a freaking dog and get the hell over it. Boo hoo, my dog didn't like the fireworks, get better windows and better insulated home and the freaking dog won't hear them. There's a thought.

Of course some people can only complain about everything and how everything obviously effects them. Oh me oh my.

Jill said...

Dear Anonymous,
With such a scathing comment I guess you didn't get any last night did you? Where is your sense of humor? I strongly disagree with you and your attitude, but I defend your right to say it. Hope you have a wonderful and prosperous 2007.

cube said...

Sorry about your dogs. My dog used to be terrified of fireworks, but we trained her to stop being afraid. Now she's running around while the mortars are popping & she doesn't even care.

Happy New Year, jill! Hope 2007 is a good one for us all.

Anonymous said...

Actually Jill, I not only got it, but got it twice! I just think you're ridiculous and an utter idiot! You treat an animal like it's a person. Then you have huge issue's. But of course when all your posts are nothing but complaining and whining. Your life must be absolutely miserable. I pity you.

Jill said...

What's the matter, Anonymous? No Guts? Don't hide behind "anonymous" I pity you. You sound like you are angry at everything. May God bless you. You have real issues.

cube said...

I wish Anonymous would stop being so shy & tell us what he/she really thinks ;-)