Monday, May 07, 2007

So Much for the Home Town Loyalty

Yesterday the collective jaws of Astros fans every where dropped to the floor. During the 7th inning stretch at the Yankees game Roger Clemens turned his back on his hometown and announced he would pitch again for the New York Yankees. After leading us on last year and this year he made his plans known. He and Andy will be back in the arms of the Yankee fans together.

When Clemens first came back to Houston to play for the Astros he made a big deal about playing before his home town, friends and fans. In the long run, none of that mattered. Did the money matter? He certainly doesn't need it. Wouldn't we all love to make $4.5 million for 4 months? Now a lot of Houston fans are not happy and feel betrayed. On the other hand the Yankees really need the pitching help. Several of their pitchers are hurt. They could use the help. An how about this note, the New York Yankee pitching staff alone makes more money than several entire teams. Money surely talks loudly in New York!

Good luck Roger. Those of us who support our Houston Astros will move on and support our real home town hero, Craig Biggio! How many times in the past have Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell restructured their contracts to benefit the team? Biggio said "respect for the game" is important to him. Roy Oswalt said he won't let Clemens desertion bother him, he'll just keep doing what he does best.

Now is the time our young pitchers will step on the mound and show how good they are and will be. Plus we will be happy to have one of our young heros back soon. Brandon Backe is doing very well. After all, with the young pitchers we have now, where would we put an old war horse like Roger? Let's look forward to the return of Brandon Backe.

Go Astros!