Thursday, November 01, 2007

Just Thought You Might Like to Know

In case you had not noticed Halloween is over and the race is on! Christmas commercials are already appearing on tv. Some even before Halloween was over. WalMart is getting a jump on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, by having a big sale early tomorrow. Those who like to get bargains be ready! WalMart is advertising electronics at big savings. They will be pushing a laptop for $338.
Where Walmart goes, other stores soon follow. Get your running shoes on. And don't forget your football helmet and pads. You are going to need protection. What's that? Do I hear "I'll be home for Christmas" ? Yes, it is part on a commercial on tv this morning.
Start thinking aboutwhat you want to buy and where you want to put the tree. Don't forget those outside lights which twinkle along the rooftops and yards. And don't forget to clean the carpets and make the house look nice. Get those decorations out of the attic.
Just think this is a great time of year! You can pick up some of your favorite Halloween candy on sale while you fight the crowds looking for Christmas gift bargains. Leave it to WalMart to get a jump on holiday shopping. After all, it's only November 1st. What will they do for the day after Thanksgiving? Dare we wait for better deals?
So it is time to start counting how many times we will see those wonderful commercials in one day and get into the spirit. It's time to shop. Christmas is at hand. Ready-set-go! Get away from all those commercials and make those cash registers ring!


Bazza said...

and on December 26th the easter eggs will be on sale!

pineapple said...

They put the Christmas decorations up last week in downtown Austin. It was still October.

bettygram said...

It seems like every year it starts earlier and earlier. In my mind[not sure if it will happen] I would like to get my outside lights up before it gets to cold. I never do what I would like to outside because it is so cold.

cube said...

I hate this trend because I don't like shopping (unless it's for books).

maria said...

I hate shopping so much and the Christmas season drives me totally nuts. I do all my shopping very early and avoid all the crowds.

I love books, but now don't buy anymore, but go the local library
and get them for free.

Do you use your public library?