Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You Want Me in "Who's Who"? Who Are You Kidding?

The other day I got an interesting e-mail which said I had been selected for inclusion in a "Who's Who" list. Ok, I'll wait till you can stop laughing. I find this funny too. I've been snickering for a while now. So today I get another e-mail about this. Oh come on guys. I'm not an executive or professional... I have run offices and departments before, but nothing out of the ordinary. This is why I have to ask myself "What's the deal here? Or what is the catch to this? There is always a catch to these things.

Today's e-mail read: Dear Jillmalitz,

You were recently appointed as a biographicalcandidate for inclusion in the prestigious 2011 Search Who's Who" directory of accomplished executives and professionals.

We are pleased to inform you that on October 4th your candidacy was formally approved by Professional Biographies. Congratulations! The office of the Managing Director appoints individuals based upon a candidate's current position and also focuses on information obtained from researched executive and professional listings. Given your background, the Director thinks that you may make an interesting biographical subject for online publication.

There is NO COST nor obligation to be listed.

After receiving verification, we will validate your registry lissting within seven business days. Once finalized, your profile will share prominent registry space with thousands of fellow accomplished individuals across the globe - each representing accomplishments within their own geographical area.

Your prompt response is needed to ensure your correct professional information. Upon final conformation, you will also recieve a Free Personal Website (including your professionally written biography).

Our regisstration deadline is October 31st,2011. To ensure you are included, we must receive your verification on or before this date. On behalf of our Committee, I salute your achievement and look forward to welcoming you to our association.

Benjamin Morrison, Editor in Chief

First, there has to be a catch to this. Nobody gives an "honor" like this for nothing. And what's with the "free personal website"? Is there another Jill Malitz somewhere who is an accomplished professional person who deserves to be in a Who's Who". Next there has to be a cost somewhere, right? I'm pretty sure this is not legit. Pretty funny joke, right? Now let's all get back to regular programing.

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