Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I'm Afraid, very afraid

What's wrong with Shrek? This morning I hear that some Christian conservatives are berating him. This is getting out of hand. They dont like Bert and Ernie and Sponge Bob. I've seen all of these dont find anything objectional about them. I tend to agree with them (a little) regarding nipplegate, tho I thought her dancers were way too suggestive. But come on, my kids grew up with Big Bird and the group. They haven't suffered significant damage. I think the Power Puff girls are too mean, but I have not heard any conservative complaints. The Simpsons, I feel is more of an adult cartoon, and as such may not always be suitable for some people. But to complain about programs and cartoons which are sweet, gentle and funny, to me, is much ado about nothing. What would Mr. Rogers say?


I think you're stupid! said...

WOW you are an idiot! Lets see what's wrong with Sponge Bob, maybe all his adult humor jokes that are completely inappropriate for children. Shrek, oh gee I don't know lets see it's nearly pornographic and no child needs to watch it, the rating in and of itself says it's inappropriate for children, all the sexual intuendo, and the language. It was not conservative Christians making a big deal out of Bert and Ernie, it was ONE SINGLE man and I don't know a single person irl or online who's went along with it.

Mr. Rogers, what would he say, I'd say he'd be disgusted by the garbage they're putting out considering he was a Conservative Christian who was looking out for Children and their well being.

What's so wrong with children growing up with some INNOCENSE vs having garbage filling their heads. Wow there's a thought, keep our children SAFE and innocent.