Monday, February 21, 2005

Joan reminded me

I watched "Joan of Arcadia" the other day and was brought back to moments in time. When Joan and her mother argued it reminded me of the relationship with my mother. We clashed more than Joan and her mom, but I never went behind her back. I thought a lot of very evil thoughts though. Now my kids, on the other hand... if I said no, I might as well have said go ahead screw up your life. Sometimes I felt that they did everything they could to irritate me. Everything from relationships they weren't ready for to being arrested for shoplifting. There was a point with one of my daughters that the high school principal and I were on speed dial. She liked to skip school. Just how many grandmothers can one kid have? Now, the oldest has three of her own, 9,3 and 2. Payback time! It is just begining.

To Tregetour-thanks for the encouragment as I stumble kicking and screaming into this new world.


already posted! said...

ROFL! This is too funny. You posted right after this how your children were not "Significantly harmed" yet talk about how your daughter skipped school constantly, had the principal on speed dial, shopped lifted, got arrested for it, got into relationships before they were ready (most likely premarital sex)....gee and I don't know WHY.