Thursday, March 24, 2005

All Quiet At Home

Well, after much gutwrenching debates, my daughter and her husband have decided to tough it out a little longer in El Paso. They also decided they cant go to Florida for vacation. Wise thinking. I do agree that they could make more money if they moved in with us for a while, but there are bigger issues here. Not the smallest of which would be how well would we all get along? Annie complains that she cant get a job in El Paso because,as she says, all the jobs are only minimum wage and require Spanish speaking. She cant speak the language. That's what she gets for cutting Spanish class in high school! I wish them well and I hope they will take this time to consider the real costs of some of their ideas. I still cant believe that they wanted to move all their belongings to Houston and again later to Austin. She said they thought they could just park the U-Haul truck somewhere and it would be ok while they stayed here in Houston. Not a good idea. I seen several reports of theft from that idea. Oh well.