Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Are We All Aware?

April is autism awareness month. Today is World Autism Awarness Day. Many news programs are featuring stories about this disorder and the families affected by it. What do we really know? We know autism affects 1 of 150 children. It affects 1 in 94 boys. Eighty-four percent of parents with autistic children have divorced. Treatment of this order can be very expensive, especially for those children who have to go to special schools. Most insurance companies will not cover the cost of care. At this point no-one really knows what will happen to those who are severely disabled by this as the grow into adulthood. Many parents wonder who will take care of their children later in life.

Many of us know very little about autism, unless it hits our family. We wonder how to cope and if our children will be doomed to a life of frustration and lost hope for sucess. There are those who have grown up with autism and have thrived and become successful. Others stuggle every day just to communicate. It is time we learn. CNN is running a lot of information all day today. If you suspect that something is just not right about your child ask your doctor. Get a second opinion. Do not wait. There are many clinical sites which have information on this disorder. There are many charity and support groups including Easter Seals and Autism Speaks. Become aware so that some day we can solve this mystery.


Anonymous said...

I work with four autistic children in a classroom of 16 children. My team teacher is gone to an autism conference. I wish I'd gone with her! This joib is too hard to do alone. (Btw -- I wasn't eligible to go, only 1 teacher per classroom, and Ms. Jewls is the permanent teacher. I was an emergency [read that temporary] hire.)