Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ninety-nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Ninety-nine bottles of beer, well not exactly. Would you believe 35 gallons of water? Well, it is hurricane season. I have been saving these jugs in case we needed water during a hurricane. I had no idea I had accumulated that many. Out of sight and out of mind since I started storing them on the shelves in the laundry room. Maybe they have been breeding at night? Busy little buggers they are. I never thought of how time consuming it is to fill all those gallons of water. And that won't even fill the tank. Jeez. Jimmy said last night he would try to get home early today so that he can work on the aquarium. Ahem, we shall see.

So how come the price of oil is going down? Have we really made that much of a difference? Is this a good sign or a bad sign? Back in the 70's the oil field business was big in Texas. A lot of money was made. People were working for regular wages but made so much that they had big houses, cars and boats. Then the bottom fell out and people lost jobs. I have to much for economics of the day.

It is still hot and we could use some rain just to cool us off a little. Probably won't happen. Then again if it does the vegetation around the building will just get higher. Some of it is already at my knees. Wonder what it looks like from Lady and Daisy's view?


maria said...

Here, in Ontario,Canada we have been having rain and thunderstorms almost every day this summer.

I wish I could give you some of our rain in exchange for more sun.

As always, a pleasure to read your blog.

Dr.John said...

Drop in prices is an oil company tactic. Now we are thankful that the gas is under $4.00 instead of being upset it is over $3.00.

Margaret said...

Not holding my breath on gas prices, but surely saving what I can and trying to run my errands all in one trip to save on gas whenever I can.

Being here in Savannah we have no choice other than to evacuate if a hurricane comes this way so we don't save much water other than what we need for two days. Our new home also has a very old hand pump well in the back that is off of the city water system. That will be nice if ever needed.

cube said...

I think the price of oil dropped because of renewed talk about drilling in America. The more speculators think that supply will go up, the more the price drops.

As far as rain goes, we've had our share here in Tampa. Wish I could send some your way.

Anonymous said...

The price of oil dropped because people quit driving! Here on Oahu the buses, already overcrowded, were suddenly PACKED! The commuter boat -- much less popular than the buses because of seasickness and (for most) additional commute time -- is suddenly full and extending their run.

The oil company folks have just realized they went too far too fast, so they've taken a step back and they're waiting for us to get used to this price.

pineapple said...

the price of oil is only temporary. it will go up again the next time the wrong person sneezes.

And I just have to say that THE HEAT IS KILLING ME.