Friday, August 01, 2008

Politics, Elephants, and Fish

I have just about had enough of the tit for tat between the Obama/McCain camps. Every time I see the news there is a debate or commentary about celeb/race cards. Personally I think McCain could have picked better celebs for comparison and Obama did not have to stick the little race knife in either. The media is playing this over and over like an annoying commercial. At least I can grab the remote and change the channel during a commercial to another channel which, with my luck, is airing the very same commercial. Just like the news people are replaying the latest political gaffs. And what is up with those $500 loafers?

And now WalMart, the elephant in the room, is afraid of the little mouse, I mean the Democrats. WalMart has been having mandatory meetings with some of it's store and department managers to incourage employees not to vote for any Democrat, fearing that if the Democrats gain control it will be easier for federal laws to change in favor of unions. WalMart has said this is not good because the dues would be high and people make have to strike and get no benefits. WalMart is the nation's largest company. Are they really worried? How many more days till the election?

At least the aquarium is almost ready. After 42 gallons of water, salt and other treatments, it has settled in nicely. We have some colorfull plants as well as a couple of live plants. Jimmy even had to stick in a "tacky palm tree" in homage to Barry Manilow and Jimmy Buffett, two of my favorite singers. It should be ready for occupation this week-end.

It is still too hot. Then I made the mistake of looking at the weather forcast. For the first time this year the number 100 appeared along with the 96,97, and 98's. And that doesn't include the heat index! That aquarium is starting to look inviting. At least fish don't vote.


maria said...

Walmart has no business of trying to influence their employees.

It reminds me of the catholic church when I was growing up in Quebec, Canada.

Re: weather: we are still having rain and thunder every day.I guess I shouldn't complain,it's better than 100 degrees in the sun and no relief in sight!


Anonymous said...

I would advise against diving into the aquarium unless you want to mop up all that water from your floor after getting back from the emergency room with 45 gazillion stitiches in your back-side. ;)

Unknown said...

Ferragamo? McCain? Really? We were thinking more along the lines of Botany 500. Nonetheless, we happen to have checked out the Ferragamo Web site, and looked at the men's summer 2008 collection—turns out it's true, McCain is a Ferragamo man:

Dr.John said...

At lesast in November it will end. Then the ever loving press will start telling us what's wrong with the new President.
The problem in America is that neither management nor Union leadership really care about the average worker. They both care about money.

Duez said...

I can't believe what McCain is doing. It is a shame. He was once very admirable and spoke his mind. He is obviously doing anything he can to win now. And that means listening to the Bush camp. It came out this week that the 2004 election team for Bush is generally running the McCain bid. Shame. Not what our country needs now.

bettygram said...

I like watching the fish swim around and it is relaxing and you can get away from the election. Cleaning the tank is another problem. I said no to Dr Johns wants of a parrot for the cleaning reason, been there done that.