Monday, August 18, 2008

More Family Soap (opera)

Sometimes keeping up with grown children and their lives is a little like the baseball team manager during an extra inning game. Who does he have left to pinch hit or pitch. The roster of players has so many scratch out marks that it is hard to keep up with the players and who is available. And then there is the Malitz family revolving doors of relationships.

After the disaster with Pat and Heather, he went back with Karin, no wait, not her. Now there is Abby ( I don't know if she spells it "y" or "ie"). Huh? Where did she come from? So, now we have to get used to the new girl. Meanwile Amanda decided to dump her "relationship" with Jason who is still sitting in prison. Ok. Now she is stuck with a tattoo of Jason's name on her left ring finger. That could prove to be problematic in the future. But wait, in true soap opera fashion, she now has a new relationship with Greg. Ok. Greg is the brother of Pat's new girlfriend. This could get interesting. Brother and sister dating brother and sister. Who complains to whom after an argument? Amanda actually likes Pat's new girlfriend a lot. She never liked any of his other ones. Pat got Greg a job at the place where Pat works. That could also prove to be interesting. Suppose one or the other has a falling out with one of the girls?

At this point I am just about to lose count with how many relationships Pat and Amanda have gone through. Maybe I need to get a score card? These two could give Erica Kane a run for her money in the relationship department. So far they all seem happy being together and picking at each other. We may have a problem though...they are Aggies and we follow the Longhorns. Thanksgiving football could become the new family feud. Hook 'em Horns!

The four of them stopped by for a visit Sunday. It was the first time we had met the "friends". Just like the good old days- meet the new girl/boy friend while sitting at the table cleaning your gun. Actually they seemed to be nice. Then agin, it was our first meeting. I unfortunately still have tattoo issues. Greg looked like he and Pat were competing for the most tattoos. Lady and Daisy gave them the once over. I guess they approved.

And now a message from our sponsor. "Friends, do you suffer from hemorrhoids? Try the new Sharon Brown suppositories. They go in easy, three hours later,they come out with nothing." Stay tuned for our next episode...


Dr.John said...

There are times when any family is a Soap Opera. In my family: Will Pennie ever find a husband? Will Patrick find a new wife to replace the one that dumped him? Will Peter's wife go blind? Will my younger sister hang on to her third husband? Will the Packer's new quarterback work out? These and other qurestions may never get answered.

cube said...

OMG. How do you deal with it all?