Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yawn, Life Goes On

To say that yesterday I was bored is an understatement. Edouard came and went and the tv stations went on and on and on with "coverage" on what, for the most part, was a non-event. While some areas east of Houston had a little damage we here on the northwest side of the county got just a lot of rain. It rained a lot but because the area was so dry the rain was beneficial. My only irritation was that for about 20 minutes I had no power. That meant I had to re-set the clocks and the tvs. For some reason if the tvs lose power they have to be re-set and the living room tv has to have the color re-set. That is annoying. On the other hand some actors look better with a red tint. Ha. I think there may have been a minor revolt when the news anchor on the ABC channel said they would pre-empt all the afternoon soap-operas. He said they would re-air at 1 am. Well, apparently some people were not happy about that so they only took off one of the shows.

I am glad I was not in Chicago Tuesday night at the Cubs - Astros game. Lance Berkman, our first baseman, was not about to stand on the field during all that lightning. He saw one lightning flash too many and ran for cover. Finally the announcer told the fans to take cover. Then the umpires finally pulled the players off the field. Wonder what they would have done if a fan or player had been struck by lightning?

Now that the storm has gone, reality is back. I saw an astonishing report on GMA this morning about the dangerous amount of plastic in the Pacific Ocean. It has apparently been breaking into smaller and smaller pieces which the fish are eating. Are we eating it? This could be a serious situation. Only time will tell.

On the lighter side, Paris Hilton has responded to the John McCain ad. She made her own campaign ad. She talked about both Obama and McCain. She even discussed her energy policy. Taken with a little dose of humor, she almost made sense. That is really scary.

Well, at least when the next storm comes to our area I have some extra batteries for the radio. I don't really look forward to that if Jimmy is home, our music tastes are a little different. I may just have to go buy a battery for the laptop. Then again, he plays enough poker.


Dr.John said...

Glad the storm didn't do any damage to you. Nothing like a nice slow cool raon to bring the world to life.

Margaret said...

She did make sense and yes, scary!

I'm glad the storm was light. They always make a big deal out of these things lately. It's a shame for we're getting desensitized to weather dangers because of it.

I hope this doesn't lead to peeps ignoring real dangers when they are coming.

pineapple said...

Eduoard was a sorry excuse for a storm. I still had to water my yard. On the up side, there wasn't much damage...