Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Soggy, Ho-Hum,No Problem - Yet

I guess you could say that things could be worse. Hurricane Dolly did billions of dollars damage. So far Edouard has not been that bad. Some areas are getting a lot of rain and some wind. But for the most part this area has seen worse. All the local tv channels are broadcasting in and around Galveston. Most of the rain is actually needed. There is some ponding on the roads but very little serious conditions. So far. There are some gusts of 40-50 miles an hour, but not here, yet. I -10 has been closed east of Houston for a while. Now there is a posibliity of a tornado watch but that has not been decided yet. Continental cancelled 140 flights at the big airport. Early this morning there were a lot of flight delays.

Though some areas east of Houston are under a flash flood warning. Here I am listening to the soft sounds of a steady rain. As yet we have not felt any wind. But that could change as the day goes on. Traffic is still moving around the area. Apparently the streets around our neighborhood are clear. Most of the rain is falling easy and is what we need. Although the radars all show a lot of yellow and red for heavy rain. Since we need rain it seems to be helping more than hurting the area.

One good thing today is that Lady and Daisy are not pestering me to go out. I can almost read their minds as they have to be thinking "if we stay under the blankets and be real quiet, maybe she won't make us go out."

So most of this is good if not inconvenient. Dress rehearsal for something worse? So far so good. Rain, rain, rain. It is still early in the season. Next time may be another story. Right now I will just enjoy the quiet as the soft rain continues. At least the temperature is down today.


Anonymous said...

I hope you're safe. Watch the dogs. They'll know how bad it is going to get long before you do.

Dr.John said...

A little rain is a good thing. If that's all it gives you everything will be well.
When it rains here the dog goes and hides in her crate.