Friday, August 22, 2008

Not Much of a Day, Today

I have been tapping my fingers and growling this morning and have just about decided to get off the computer today. I believe that the local AT&T servers must be very full today. We don't usually have problems with s-l-o-w pages. It has been this way ever since I got on early this morning. Of course I am in a hurry to get things done and this is annoying. Oh well.

I have better things to think about. Let's see, will I find a good pair on shoes this afternoon? We are going to try to get some so my poor,old feet will quit complaining. I fully expect my right shoe toe to start flapping as I walk. Kind of reminds me of an old Bill Cosby routine. Then I am still researching computers. I hope to get a new one soon. But right now, I am worn out after looking at specs and prices and reviews. I like this, I like that, don't like either. That costs how much!? Maybe I will be able to go look at some computers later (in my new shoes).

I hope we can get our grocery shopping done early enough so that we can watch the Texans/Cowboys game tonight. Will Jessica Simpson be at the game? And does Tony Romo really still call Carrie Underwood? Not according to Jessica. Let's just stick to the game. I want to see some good running plays by the Texans.

Well, I have to check the grocery list...


Dr.John said...

I hope your team wins.
I never like AT&T which is why I have cable.
Good luck in your computer hunt.

Anonymous said...

Do you really want new shoes when you finally got the current pair to the place where they can pick money up off the sidewalk without you having to bend over?

(Gotta love that Bill!)

Pbbbt to AT&T. Love my cable!

Unknown said...

Well, our cable is Comcast and I have had just about enough of them. They keep raising prices, changing the channels etc. Just how many shop at home channels do I need? And my shoes would just roll over the money, that is if I were lucky to find any, he he>

Margaret said...

Ugh, grocery shopping. I've come to dread it. Let alone I am shocked on how much prices have gone up in the last year alone.

At least clothes and things are holding the same prices as I have to get out next week to buy school clothes, supplies and uniforms for Squirt to start Kindergarten.

Groceries, I've been doing this every two week hit on Save-a-Lot for pantry, canned and some usual everyday items. Most of our groceries can be bought here - but a few like TP, pet food and some preferred brand name products I have to pick up at a local supermarket and pay the price.

I noticed at least $150 or more in monthly savings and although it may not sound like much - it makes a difference.

Duez said...

Texans didn't look so great. But, they are spunky and kept it close.

maria said...

Hope you find a new computer that you'll just love! But there are so many choices,it is difficult to decide. After all it's a big chunk of money.

I want to buy a Digital Camera and
just can't make up my mind what to buy.