Monday, August 11, 2008

Let's Have a Brawl, Ya'll!

Four in the afternoon on a Friday is not the best time of day to go to WalMart for a few groceries. People are tired and crabby. But this is when we go because it is convenient for Jimmy to cash his check and get the grocery shopping all at once. But I am a little tired of kids mis-behaving while their parents shop.

I almost started a brawl Friday. As we tried to walk to the back of the grocery section we soon discovered that we were in the way of two little Hispanic boys about 8 to 10 years old. They had picked our pathway as the place to play. They were racing around the displays in the middle and the older child was skating around on his skate shoes. Every where we tried to go they bumped into or stopped us from getting by them. Several times I expected the Kraft Mac & Cheeze or the Frito-Lay displays to come falling down. Finally I had enough of the disruptive little darlings. I sharply told them to "get out of the way"! At last we were able to get around them and proceed to the back of the grocery area.

Before I could get to the soft drink area to get some Dr. Pepper I heard a woman bellow at me. "Hey, are you talking to my kids?" she said. I replied, "Yes, I am." As I continued on my way, I heard her go into an expletive filled tiriade about why I should leave her kids alone and pay attention to my own kids. I believe she said something like "sucking witches and sucking goats" but I had pretty much ignored her. Jimmy turned around, angry at her, waiting to defend me. It was at this point when Jimmy watched the older little angel jump into one of the chest coolers between the eggs and milk displays. What an adorable little child. His mother has really taught him well.

I realize children do not always behave. But I also believe that parents should keep an eye on their children when they are in a crowded store such as WalMart. When our kids were little we did not let them run wild like these two did. I would have been very upset to discover my children misbehaving so badly and the situation would have been handled immediately. My grandkids don't go wild like that. Little did this woman know that I DID watch my kids, and grandkids. Mine were not always good but some things they certainly knew better than to even try.

Though Jimmy would have been perfectly happy to "take it to the parking lot" and read them the riot act, the fight was avoided. Was I glad? Well, I guess. I refuse to lower myself to the level of that woman's behavior. As such, Lord, please forgive me for berating those lovely little kids and give me strength to keep from beating the crap out of any mother who allows her kids to run wild around me in the future.


Dr.John said...

Some people have no consideration for others and their kids just follow suit. I'm afraid there is not much we can do about it except not to act that way and see to it that our children don't act that way either.

cube said...

How are the kids going to learn how to behave if their own parents don't know how to act in public.

Rude & inconsiderate people have rude & inconsiderate children.