Wednesday, August 13, 2008

War of Words, War of Gas

The she said, she said war goes on in a courtroom in downtown Houston. The plaintiff Sharon Brown says Victoria Osteen hit her. Mrs. Osteen, as well as a first class passenger who witnessed the confrontation, says she did not hit her. Sharon Brown also testified that she, at one time, thought Lakewood Church was a cult and Joel Osteen was the devil. She now says that was taken out of context and she was on medication at the time.

Media from all over are covering this trial. Local tv stations are covering it during each news program and news break. At least one tv station is blogging updates every hour. Could this get any nuttier? Well, Roger Clemens has not had his defamation suit go to trial yet. He and Mrs. Osteen have the same attorney, Rusty Hardin. These trials could be more interesting than the network soap operas.

Yesterday there was another war in Houston. A good old fashioned gas war! Imagine that. A new Chevron station opened yesterday on a highway right across from a Shell station. The Chevron station opened for business yesterday with prices a little lower than the going rate for regular unleaded gas at $3.36. The Shell station then lowered it's price. And the war was off and running. As the day wore on the news spread. By the late afternoon news choppers were hovering above the station as the Chevron station's prices continued to fall. Then traffic became a problem. Rush hour traffic snarled around and backed up the road. Soon police were needed to help direct the traffic. The hovering choppers reported as soon as prices changed. The gas stations ran out of regular gas. So the customers waited in line while tankers brought in more gas. The war went on into the night. The prices went down to just above $2.00 a gallon. Both stations lost a lot of money on the sale of gas but probably made some of that up with in store sales. Gotta love it.

Today the gas prices of the two stations are back to regular prices. Sigh. The latest blog update on the Osteen trial--The plaintiff's side has rested. The last witness, a first class passenger,saw Osteen standing up asking for someone in authority. Osteen's attorney asked her if she saw Mrs. Osteen strike Ms. Brown. Mr. Hardin asked, "And it didn't happen?" She said "There is no way."
Wonder what the jury will decide?


Dr.John said...

It is the American system. Twelve peole , some of whom, you wouldn't invite to dinner. Who weren't there when the supposed even took place have to decide if it happened and who was to blame. Don't you just love it. Better than any other system though.

cube said...

Well, if you get a group of OJ jurors, they might rule in favor of the flight attendant.

Me, I think she's out for some easy money.