Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Dog, A Real Dog?

Annie and the boys finally got their wish - a dog. It is a 4 week old lab/retriever mix. It apparently looks a lot like Sammy. I understand that Jason was not especially thrilled at the idea. "we travel a lot" apparently was an excuse not to get a dog. Plus he did not like the idea of dogs in the house. That was one of the reasons I didn't move in with them. My little dogs would freak out if they had to stay outside all the time.

And just who is going to get the chore of housebreaking (assuming the dog will be allowed inside). After all it's still a puppy. I would guess that the boys are happy. Yeah, should the puppy stay inside, how long will that last as she cries at night...

Hang in there Annie. Remember the puppy will be a lot like another kid. You will have to be her mother. She's little now, just wait till she gets bigger. And you remember what happened when Lady and Windows collided. right? Your cat may not take kindly to the puppy. Just remember you can travel with a dog if you know what you are doing, Jason.