Friday, April 10, 2009

Tv Series, Cliff hanger or Mars??

I have been catching up with some of my tv shows as much as possible. I have missed some episodes cause Traci and Bobby watch different shows here. That's ok, thanks to the internet. I'v managed to catch up with most.

We all like the series "Friday Night Lights" which is about a Texas high school football team and all the people around them, for those who have not seen it. Vintage Texas high school football. Trust me this is the way it is in Texas. So the show ended tonight with a wedding and the head football coach being offered the head coach position at the new school while his wife is the principal at the old school. Hum... The district is going to divide the school into two. I smelled a cliff hanger... Yes there will be a new rivalry next year...want to bet?

But one of my other favorite shows apparently has been cancelled. "Life on Mars" was, to me, a drama with some quirks, to say the least. What else would you say about a police detective in 2008 who has an accident and wakes up in 1973. I liked the show because it showed the difference in police policies, then and now. It also featured music and set decor very much like 1973. Even the clothes were right. But I guess either the producers and writers had the end planned all along or if they new it was going to be cancelled, they took their anger out on the viewers. I figured that eventually the detective would have to go back to the current time somehow, but this was nuts. I sat watching on my computer as the show ended with the detective and the other cops wake up (as astronauts) as they landed on Mars! What the Hell were the writers thinking! I guess the joke was on us! Jeez... I'm going to bed now.