Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Is there anyone out there who doesnot want my money

We got a little plastic bag in our mailbox yesterday from WasteManagement garbage collection. In it was a little brochure explaining the fact that if you dont have a sticker on your garbage can they will not pick up your garbage. What! We've been here almost a year and nothing has been said about it. Now they want to charge me $45 to set up an account so that they will continue to collect my garbage. Not to mention they want this put on a plastic can for me to drag out to the curb. I find it easier to carry bags to the curb. They said that if we dont have a garbage can, we can call a number and they will provide one. Well, I have a large garbage can, but I think this is annoying to have to do this. First this was an expense that was never mentioned. Second, it seems that everytime I turn around somebody wants money. If it's not one of the kids or grandkids, it's the oil companies raiding my bank account with increasing prices, to the cable, utility and phone companies raising the rates every time I blink. Then the government always wants their cut. The Feds are one, now the state of Texas wants to increase its sales tax. Any body else need some money?