Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just Goes to Show You

For Valentine's Day one of the local tv stations decided to play matchmaker. The morning hosts asked men and women to send them why viewers would like to be matched up, sort of like the computer match making services. The morning hosts would go over the applications and try to match couples. They would be featured on tv as they embarked on their "Cupid" trials. So, as things went on some couples were interviewed about how everything went on the dates and so on. This sounded like a fun thing. Quite a few people were interested in this.

So was a sex offender. Imagine that! This guy was looking for prey under the guise of a match making special. Well, the lady he wanted to see and the tv station discovered that he was not who he said he was. After doing a background check it was discovered he was a sex offender and had some other felony problems. Luckily the woman's intuition warned her that something wasn't right. Next thing you know, there is a reported at the man's door. He admitted that he is a registered sex offender. Oops!

One can only wonder if the tv station will try matchmaking again. Just goes to show you that things (or people) are not always what they seem. Even a tv station can be fooled. At least nothing serious happened.


Anonymous said...

no surprise that pervs would try to meet women for romance and work with children's groups. It's good that we are investigating more carefully now.