Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Could Win a Pre-Paid Cremation

I have always favored cremation over burial. Both my parents were cremated. Their ashes were thrown in the Gulf of Mexico near Destin, Florida. My family knows my wishes. So yesterday I get a letter in the mail that I though was funny. Don't ask me why. Tells you what kind of life I lead. The letter was from Houston. It was from the NEPTUNE SOCIETY. For some reason this just struck me funny. In the lower left corner of the envelope was the hook message. "Free Pre-Paid Cremation" details inside. When I was able to stop laughing I opened the envelope and read the note. It was a very nice note explaining how for a variety of reasons more and more people are choosing cremation over traditional funeral arrangements. It went on to say that almost 30% of Americans have selected cremation as their preference. It also said that the numbers are increasing. It went on to explain how it allows families to conduct simple personal services at their own convenience, is less expensive and has less impact on the environment. I agree with most of what the information said. So they went on to tell how it is an advantage to pre-pay for the arrangements. And of course they included a card which I could fill out and return to them if I wanted more information.

Then I noticed two things that really had me snickering even though this is a serious subject. At the bottom of the note was an apology "if this letter has reached you at a time of serious illness or death in your family". I rank that right up there with the time I got an offer to join AARP when I was only 30something. The other thing that really made me laugh was the message in the upper left corner of the letter. "WIN a pre-paid crematiion". All I have to do is fill out and return the reply slip. If I complete and return the information I will be eligible for a drawing each month. I never win anything. Would I win this?

I must have a really weird sense of humor. Not only did I find this extremely funny, I'm thinking of sending the reply in to them. On the other hand maybe I need a new hobby.


cube said...

Sounds like something I'd throw into the circular file. Funerals give me the heebie jeebies.

Dr.John said...

You may not win a cremation but you did win the Priceless prize in today's drawing at the Fortress which you entered by leaving a comment during the week. I need you to stop by the Fortress and either accept today's prize or pick a door. I also need your real mail address. Send to

Dr. John

Unknown said...

Ah Dr John, Thank you for the Priceless prize. I am so honored. I would like to thank...oh never mind they are playing the music to get me off the stage now.

pineapple said...

I would love to win a free cremation! But what I really want is for my loved ones to cremate me and then make me into diamonds (go to The idea of wearing your loved ones is hysterical! and you can also get your cherished pets made into jewelry.