Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Strange Bedfellows Indeed

So we find out now that Barack Obama and Dick Cheney are related. Talk about six degrees of separation! I don't know why but this whole thing strikes me funny. While I am no fan on Dick Cheney, I have to wonder what thoughts are going through his mind. Does he wish that Lynne had not done such extensive research? How will this make the Republican Conservitives feel? What about the Liberal Democrats?

Apparently Lynne Cheney traced the connection to a Huguenot who was widely noted in Maryland history. She discovered that the "very white" Dick Cheney is the eighth cousin of Obama. Making light of the discovery, the Obama campaign, without confirming anything, said "Obviously, Dick Cheney is the black sheep of the family."

I can see a sitcom in the future. politicians who oppose each other discover they are related. Then again, let's see how Fox News will spin this compared to say MSNBC News. Let's all try to duck the potshots. We must all remember that we could be related. Now who was it that said "Politics make strange bedfellows"?


Dr.John said...

I am filing this under things I would never know if I didn't read your blog.

Unknown said...

Just call me the repository of useless information.

pineapple said...

I think it is awesome. It is always funny for hate-mongers like Cheney to find out they are related to someone that stands for everything that they hate! Weeeeee! Of course, I do have sympathy for Barak. He deserves better.

maria said...

What an interesting information.

I,too, feel sympathy for Obama. Can you imagine being related to Dick Cheney? It gives me goosebumps!