Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Fall Hunting Season

Ah yes, finally there is a hint of cool air. The temperatures are pleasantly low. Leaves are falling. The prey is looking for food and warmth. Rarely seen during daylight, the hunted can be seen lurking around the buildings. Little do they know the great hunter is about to pounce. The neighbor's yellow and white cat has been on the prowl. Forever on guard against those dastardly rodents who frequent the grounds.

I wonder what the neighbors think about the prizes left by that cat. For the last couple of days when I walk the dogs early in the morning Daisy has discovered the booty. It seems that the cat likes to toy with his prey. What a lovely thing to see in the morning. The first day Daisy and I walked over to the parking lot next door to see why the cat was sitting peacefully self satisfied. There lay the spoils of the night's hunt-a rather large rat. Needlesss to say the rodent didn't stand a chance. Maybe the neighbors didn't notice the remains lying there as they left for the day. So the next day there was another little mouse which had been disposed of in the usual feline fashion. I really wonder if this will be a trend. No-one seems to have noticed the deceased creatures. Then again, maybe they assume nature will take it's course.

Well, it is almost time to take Daisy for her walk. Will we find another catch? I am not a hunter. I would not choose to do this for sport. But cats love to do this. Years ago I had a cat who loved to bring me presents. Of course the presents usually were the small rodents or birds. On the other hand it is good to know that our buildings are protected by a guard cat. Keep on hunting. I appreciate your quest to rid the area of vermin. I would just rather you do not bring them to me.


pineapple said...

my dogs love to kill things in the yard. so far they have killed mice, snakes, birds, and squirrels. however, the time there was a mouse inside they just stared at it. what good is that???

Dr.John said...

My dog also thinks she's a cat and the other day caught and was playing with a mouse.

bettygram said...

When we lived up North the neighbors cat would take care of the mice and sometimes leave something on my doorstep.
Our neighbors had a cat,but another neighbor hit it with his motorcycle, killing it.
I think of cats getting mice but not dogs.

cube said...

Our cats are the hunter/killers. Our dogs just chase everything but so far haven't hurt anything.

Once our older shepherd found a helpless baby squirrel that had fallen out of a tree and all she did was sniff it.