Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Cards for Sale

Man I forgot to send Christmas cards again this year! On the other hand my family members move around a lot and I just can't seem to keep up with address changes. I used to keep a nice address book, but I had to scratch out so much I gave up.

Ever since Jimmy parents died most of the family has gotten lax about keeping in touch. Aunt Pat used to send a newsletter every holiday season telling all about what her family was doing. Jimmy's mother used to send us cards and even the kids cards, too. We used to send cards to family and friends. I even went to the store and bought different cards for grandkids. But I haven't seemed to do that lately.

What happened to the days when people agonized over just the right card for just the right person for just the right occasion? I can remember hearing "we were going to send you a card, we could not afford it, etc". Then my kids got on a kick of sending e-cards for Mother's Day or birthdays. Somehow, it is not the same. These days it seems to be easier and "cheaper" just to call and say "Merry Christmas" than it is to buy a card.

I guess we all are busy these days.I can remember many years ago when my father used to get Christmas cards from some of the different sales people who dealt with him at the papermill. Some of those cards were beautiful, ornate and not cheap. My mother, who was an artist, was even impressed.

We talked to Annie, Pat, and Amanda over the holiday. But as to cards, well we did get two in the mail. One was from our insurance agent and the other was from the cable company.At least they know our address cause the bill always find their way here. Hum... we did not get one from the electric company. Imagine that.


Dr.John said...

We got some fourty cards if you count the insurance agency etc.
When I was an active Pastor I used to get over 200 cards.
The thirty or so " real cards" we got this year are far more precious than the 200.

pineapple said...

every year I think, "This is the Year!" But is isn't. Maybe I will get it together and send them out next year?

cube said...

Our early cards were from insurance agents and business clients, but as it got closer to Christmas, the family cards started arriving. Family doesn't have employees they can task to get cards out from a mailing list.