Tuesday, April 26, 2005

End of Days?

Are we at the End of Days? Is the government being run by the Christian conservative lobby?Seems that they and George Bush are in agreement. They seem to influence decisions regarding everything from judges appointments, to a person's sex life. My life and what I do with it is my business. If I decide to have an abortion, it's my business, my sexual orientation is mine, not the government's. I have read the wildly popular Left Behind series and feel that some things put forth are occuring now.Is George Bush the false prophet? Or maybe worse. What about the Pope or Tony Blair? Our government seem to be moving to control our lives. They want to dictate to us, about us and for us.This powerful lobby wants to influence everything from judicial appointments to what we do in the privacy of our own homes. Remember that the false prophet lulled people into a sense of security by his smooth talk and promises. This lobby wants to clean up America. Included in this clean up, TV, Radio, PayTV as well as who should be foster parents and who should be married. There is even a group that is taking some popular movies and sanitizing them by editing out objectional scenes and language because they dont think this is good Christian entertainment. The government apparently is ok with this. Are you listening George Orwell? It has recently come to light that an obscure Irish saint hundreds of years ago predicted things including that the new Pope will be the last true pontiff, after that would come the false prophet leading to the Tribulation and End of Days. Watch Out America!