Friday, April 15, 2005


The taxman cometh, my money goeth. Seems like every year I get pushed to the limit. I am really tires of givimg my money to our wonderful government for them to squander it on pork belly politics and other things. A while back they said they were going to simplify the tax code. I'm still waiting. One time they wanted to save paper, as in the paper reduction act. Ha, now it takes three times more paper to do the same thing. Most people think the tax payments go to pay for the war, but in fact a great deal of it goes for things like medicare. The IRS has over 100,000 employees, the tax code has over 7,000,000 words and the 1040EZ has 33 pages of instructions. Why cant we just have a national sales tax. At least that way everyone would pay their fair share.