Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I've been getting the silent treatment from my younger daughter. She's always referred to herself as the good daughter, because she has always called me several times a week. Now she has two children ( two boys, 3 years and 2 months). She and her husband had this great idea (they thought) that she would move in with us to save money so they could go on vacation and later move to Austin. When I told her I didnot feel this was a good idea, she got upset. They live in El Paso where, she says, she cant get a job because she cant speak spanish. Cut to many spanish classes in high school. Good old mom nixed that idea. They really dont think things through and dont really have a grasp of reality. Ever since I told her it was not a good idea for her and the kids to move in here, she has been unhappy with me. I spoiled all their plans. What kind of a plan includes borrowing money to go on vacation? So, she has not called me in 2 weeks. Guess she is mad. Oh well, some day I hope she and her husband finally grow up. Till then, silence is golden