Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Politics Not As Usual

As I sit here hearing the stories of political gaffs and attacks for the millionth time, I had silly thought. What if no-one voted in any election? I know that is not going to happen but the thought of this is, well, a little "Twilight Zone"like. Just suppose that all local, state and national elections were held one day and no one voted. Would it be a reaction to all the speeches? Would it be a result of all the negativity? Let's face it the negative campaigns are every where, not just on the national stage.

I remember reading a story about the ancient Greeks. The story was about a Greek war and how the wives collectively decided to withhold sex until the warriors decided to stop fighting. That concept made me think of how we consider things in our lives. Kids throw tantrums sometimes. I remember I used to upset my mother by holding my breath when I was angry. Her pediatrician told her not to worry because I would just pass out and start breathing again.

Would people who did not vote make a difference or would the country just "pass out" and wake up and go on about it's business? How would the government run if no one voted for any one running for office? Somehow I just can't see government grinding to a stop. However, I have seen, in the past, when due to money problems, some government departments stopped functioning for a short amount of time.

Obviously this would not happen, but it does bring to mind how much influence we do or do not have on our elected officials. I know that we all get frustrated with the people we elect. They do what some of us want or they don't do what we want. We get mad and decide to "throw the bums out" and vote for a whole new group. The new group is really no better than the old group, despite the promises they made. I just wonder what all these people would do if no-one voted. Sometimes voters feel they are not being heard. If no-one voted, would they get the message?


Bazza said...

Sadly there are far too many sheep in the world for this to ever happen, but I like your thinking!

Dr.John said...

I like your thinking too. I wish just once we would try it. At least not vote for any politician who ran a negative add. That might change things.

cube said...

Remember Lysistrata was a play written by a Greek male. There is no way you're going to get agreement to 'not vote' by any group, much less the stupendously divided group composed of women who are equally devided in their love of Sarah and their hatred of Sarah.