Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time Moves On, Like It or Not.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that we will soon be here in this place for three years. Thinking back to when we moved here I realize how much things change. I wonder how our ex- cross the walk neighbors are liking Alaska. Since they left with their little kids (and one on the way) and dog we got a new set of neighbors. They were ok, but just as we got used to them, they moved. Then the lady at the front of their building moved. Now we have two new neighbors. The ones across from us are young and have a toddler and three cats. The new lady at the front babysits 6 kids. After the hurricane, one of our neighbors up front moved and "Mr. Personality" and his wife had a baby girl.

I guess I am just getting old, I mean crabby. Well maybe both. Pam, the lady who babysits seems to be the one who knows everything about everyone in her building and then some. Want to know any thing, she knows it all. I guess I had forgotten how much noise kids make. The other day I had my patio door open and all I heard all day was screeching kids as a couple of them sat outside playing. I had to close the door. Too much noise. Well what can you expect when the buildings are so close together.

One of Pam's daughter's lives just down the street. Every day after school I have to walk through a mine field of bicycles and skateboards when her grandsons and their friends visit. Sometimes that does not make Daisy too happy cause she does not like to detour through the grass. And of course she still thinks anyone outside should immediately stop what they are doing and pay attention to her. I have to remind her about her business. Then she gets a little nervous and so do I when I see kids on skateboard racing around my car.

Our landlady finally showed up to look at the empty unit. She has yet to send anyone out to clean it so she can rent it. Then again she has never even looked at the unit or roof damaged during the hurricane. Wonder when we will get a new tenant? I actually like the parking lot a little empty. I still don't know why Mr. Personality doesn't move or fix his dead car. He's been using his father-in-law's for months.

At least our new neighbor with the toddler and three cats never let the cats out. This family is pretty quiet. He works at night and she works days. We rarely see them. I do know she did not like the smoke when Jimmy was grilling outside. Oh well.

For some reason it seems like our street is busier than it used to be. Frequently I have to change my schedule of Daisy's walks. Too many cars going by or too many people in the area. Distractions abound for Daisy. She took offense when she discovered Kayla was out on the patio. They traded verbal jabs the other day. I still wonder how Kayla and the new baby will get along.

Now I am curious about some street work on the street going into our subdivision. The other day I saw some guys surveying the area. Later I discovered some marking sticks in the yard going all the way into the fire station yard and beyond. These markers had R.O.W. (right of way) on them. Is that a clue? I wonder if the street is going to be widened. If they take the right of way our building and the fire station will lose most of the yard space. I guess time will tell. Maybe nothing will happen.

Then yesterday our neighbor who had gone out after all those kids left for the day came back from her errands. As she pulled into her parking lot, she hit the horn several times. Her younger grandkids came out to see what she wanted. Pam got out of the car followed by a medium sized dog. She had told me she was going to the pound to get one. My question is when is this dog going to get outside to do it's business? How is she going to exercise it? How will it get along with Kayla and Lady and Daisy.

A lot has changed here in three years. We really had thought this was going to be a quiet little part of the neighborhood. Things change. People move out or in. They bring new challenges and questions. It's just another adjustment of life, like it or not.


bettygram said...

When we lived up North I knew my neighbors.Now We nod and the kids on the left side pet the dog. They have a dog called Liberty. There has been no conversation. They live in a duplex as we do. the owner lives next to them and we call him Cokea cola guy. He works for Coke. On our right are young couple I think they have a dog who is tied up for short times outside. We have not talked either. Yesterday the young man stopped and asked to use our ladder.People rent around here so there are people moving in and out often. We have been here now two years.

Dr.John said...

Well you seem to have interesting neighbors. I know nothing about ours at all except what my wife already said in the first comment. Oh, I also know the people on the right are for McCain because they have a sign in the yard that says so.