Friday, October 10, 2008

Red River Shoot Out Time

Well, it is that time of year again. Fall is here but it is not really chilly enough to put a log on the fire or even start a fire. It isn't even Halloween, yet. But it is that special week-end for college football fans in Texas and Oklahoma. It's time for the Red River Shoot Out also known as the Sooners vs Longhorns in Dallas. Every year it is one of the most anticipated college games of the season. Espn will be at the Cotton Bowl and ABC will broadcast the game nationally.

Some years it is just another game. Other years it is more. This is one of those "more" years. Oklahoma is the number one team in the college rankings and Texas is number five. National championship possibility is on the line. No pressure, right? Texas would love to knock the Sooners off the top spot in the national rankings. Don't let anyone tell you it is just another game. College football is big business, big money.

The team that wins this game could go a long way to the BCS championship bowl game in January. The loser, loses. Of course this year there are several teams who could say they have their sights on ending the season as the top team. After all Alabama is #2. If Oklahoma loses, the Crimson Tide could say they have the right to be ranked at the top. If Texas wins should they be on top? Well...Hook 'em Horns! Unless it ends up with Texas playing Alabama for the National Championship. Who will I pick then? We shall see.


Dr.John said...

Somehow I just can't get excited about college football.

Margaret said...

We'll have our gas turned on Nov. 1st through March 1st for our fireplace. This will be the first year that we've had one and I can't wait for the holidays and to snuggle up near it!

I love autumn either way. It's my favorite time of year.

Duez said...

It was really a great game. As a Penn State Fan, I was rooting hard for Texas to knock off #1. :)

Bazza said...

I'm with Dr John I'm afraid, but that's probably because American Football has never really translated over here. Now English football (or soccer as you call it) I can get excited about!