Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Class of 2021

Today was Aryn's kindergarten graduation. Traci, Cheyanne and I went to watch the program. The high school gym was the place. I watched as the stands filled with siblings, parents, grandparents and other family members gathered to see all these little ones prepare to graduate. Who knew that 6 year old kids could be that clean and neat. The girls all wore pretty dresses and had nicely done hair, some with bows, others with ponytails. I wondered how long it took for the mothers to do that. It seemed like all the girls had learned the "Miss America" wave. The boys were all scrubbed up. I even saw a couple dressed in little suits and dress shoes. They were the ones who occasionaly slipped down on the gym floor. Almost all the boys seemed to have their hands in their pockets as they walked. Of course then the teachers would have to remind them to take their hands out of their pockets.

As "Pomp and Circumstance" played over and over and other, the little ones marched with their classes to their seats on the gym floor. Leading the way for the new graduates were really big kids dressed in graduation robes. At first I thought these kids are way too old. Then I realized they were some of the kids who are in a mentor group which pairs kids from kindergarten to 5th grade with a high school student. They are "pals". I think that is a nice idea. Tonight there were 12 of these students helping with the ceremony. From what I understand a lot of the high school kids do this, even some of the football players. The high school kids mentor and become buddies through out the school year with the little kids. I think that should be something more schools should do.

Of course we waited and waited for Aryn's class. As she walked in she looked around and around for us. As she got to her seat she discovered where we were and waved and waved. Every time we saw her she was looking around for us. Then I guess she was no different than any of the other kids. One thing I was not to sure about was why these little squirming kids had to sing nine songs. How do you keep those kids still? I was a little disappointed because I could not really hear what they were trying to sing. Let's face it. High school gyms are not known for their good acoustics. But when all the people were asked to join in to sing the China Spring alma mater, that was a bit louder, followed by what I guess was the fight song. I guess this because the audience and the Big high school pals were doing the Cougar gestures. At least, I think that is what they were doing.

Then we had to wade through the crowds to go get our newest graduate and head home. One sobering thought I had during this presentation. This will be the Class of 2021. Hope I'll still be around.


cube said...

Our big graduation year was 2008 when my eldest graduated from high school and my youngest graduated from eigth grade (a school she had attended since first grade & they made a big deal out of graduating).

We were swamped with masses, ceremonies, banquets, etc..

I'm glad we've got years before we have to face that insanity again.

I can't wait to hear about your little one's big graduation in 2021. We'll still be blogging, eh?

Unknown said...

It's a scary thought, but I hope I'll be around. We have 5 years till the eldest graduates from high school.