Saturday, May 30, 2009

Replaced by a -Dog?!

Let me see - from "I'd be lost without you" to being replaced by a dog. Well that's interesting to say the least.Who would have thought a wife of more than 20 years could be replaced so easily and with a dog! Of course dogs don't ask many questions, right girls? Yeah just keep wagging those tails. Yes, I still love you So, there's a new dog in town, Rowdy is his name. Hey Lady and Daisy, how do you feel now? Yeah just like me. We've all been replaced by a dog. Amanda got Rowdy for her daddy. Sorry girls, I know you thought that no-one could take your place. So did I. But that's life. You know those guys got to stick together. Yes,Lady you and I got old, some other dog took our places, even you Daisy.What's that? Do I think Rowdy smells your scent on the chair? Probably. Just wait till he has to go out in the rain! That'll show 'em!. Well pups, I guess it's just us girls now. Who needs those guys anyway, right?

Come on dogs. It's not that bad. How do you think I feel? I get dumped, he gets a dog. Where is the justice in that? I get one room, he gets an entire townhouse. I remember when we all thought we'd be together forever. But there is an old saying."absence makes the heart grow fonder...of someone else". Right now you have a nice back yard to play in, remember? And I know you would not want to have to make him choose between Rowdy and us. That wouldn't be fair.

I guess this is the last nail in the coffin of a marriage. Out with the old and in with the new. Even if it is (close your ears Lady and Daisy), just a dog. Guess there is no room left for me or Lady and Daisy. Word of advice Rowdy - don't make him mad. He might dump you too, but hopeful not until he gets a new wife to take your place.


Bazza said...

If a dog's the best he can come up with to replace you, you're better off without him.

cube said...

Sounds like he's lonely.