Thursday, October 30, 2008

No More Acting for Joaquin, Joe the Plumber Sings

Joaquin Phoenix has decided to quit acting. Ok. Now he wants to be a singer. What? Who said he could sing? I watched him sing in his movie about Johnny Cash. He did a good job, not great but he did seem to channel Johnny Cash well enough.

So, this has been a passion of his for a long time. Some how I can't help but wonder how well this is going to work. One movie role does not a singer make. I wish him well, but I would rather he continue acting. Does he really think he can have a viable career singing? I hope he does not plan to make a lot of money doing this. He could end up another "one hit wonder". Of course if he chooses the "country music" style he may do a passable job. I've heard a lot of radio play for people who have, at least to me, questionable singing chops.

I will miss him in the movies. But I guess he is lucky that he can change jobs and start from scratch. Maybe he and "Joe, the plumber" can tour together. That would be an interesting tour. I guess Joe isn't making enough money under sinks. He says he will start singing too and plans to release his first CD in January. Only in America!


Dr.John said...

Now that would be a good combination, a singing plumber and a singing actor. Their first album could be titled Hold my pipes Mr. Bond.

Unknown said...

Now that is funny!