Friday, October 17, 2008

Races, Money, and Comfort

I am glad the debates are over, now if I could just not have to see another attack ad. In eighteen days we'll elect the next President of the United States. Who ever we elect will not be perfect. Many times we elect officials only to discover that they can't do it all. No-one is perfect and we will all be happy or disappointed at some time during the next four years.

It is a little like watching our sports teams. We are rabid fans at the start of the season when so much is expected. I supported the Astros - well we know where they are. Come on Rays! So now I would like to see something different, say a team going from worst to first. So what do I say about the Texans? Uh, from so-so to so-so... Detroit wake up, you might win a game! Maybe. Then again, maybe the Texans will find some new ways to win, maybe.

Let's hope someone can figure out how to balance a budget. Hey, if you are giving money away, I'll take a few million. So we are going to spread the wealth and bailout everybody. Team USA is going to save us all by bailing us out of trouble. Did AIG not get the memo? Don't take your team on lavish trips after getting money from the Feds! You are not Jerry Jones. Now there is a team!Jerry keeps saying the Cowboys are great and Adam Jones will be good on the team. It's a good thing Jerry Jones and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell don't run this country.

I wonder if ticket sales to sports events have slowed. With the economy on shakey ground, buying some big ticket items has changed. On the other hand maybe the people with money will have to buy lower priced seats instead of the 50 yard line seats. I remember when President Bush advised us all to go shopping after 9/11. Did we over spend? AIG won't be using the luxury boxes at games.

For some of us, we'll look to the race to the World Series. That would be less stressing than watching the Presidental race. After all, in stressful times we go for "comfort" things. It is easier to yell at the tv when your team is doing well, or not. It is not quite the same when watching the tv during election night.

Since the Texas Longhorns are going to have to defend it's #1 ranking Saturday, I may have to go get some comfort food. Or maybe some lipstick. I understand that the cosmetic industry is doing well. Lipstick seems to be a big seller. Of course there are a lot of pigs out there. The Horns put a lot of lipstick on those Hogs when they beat them.


Anonymous said...

I see you couldn't tell whether you wanted to post about politics or sports, so you tossed the whole thing in the mind bender blender and came up with spolitorts.

Dr.John said...

I can't take another political commercial either but my team , the Packers, isn't doing that well. I guess I should just turn the TV off.
At least your Longhorns are winning.