Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Beware, Sleep Deprived Woman Here!

I am not very happy this morning because Crazy Daisy kept me up all night. On the bed, off the bed. Under the covers, out of the covers, in her bed, on Lady's chair. Back to the bed, jumping over me around Jimmy. All night long she refused to be still.One cold wet nose too many! Finally at 3:10 am I picked up her bed, tossed it into the bathroom, caught Daisy and dumped her into it and shut the door. But, alas no sleep for the weary. The alarm went off at 5:00am. Another night shot, another day begun.

Then as I walked Daisy around the yard at 6:45 this morning what do I find? A shoe up against the gate in the backyard. From the style and pink logo I learned it was a woman's size 81/2. Could belong to one of the girls(or friends)next door. Hey, I don't watch CSI for nothing. Ever since that family moved in, I had feelings that things went on late at night. Now, I know. So what were she(they)doing in my backyard after 11:00pm? I'm already irritated at the the Hispanics. I know the family is from here but sometims the things they do and attitudes irk me. This is in addition to my hearing the mother whipping one of their pit bulls yesterday evening.
I get annoyed everyday when the kids walk across my lawn to their house.

One funny thing last night. The Sports Director for KTRK had an interview with Bob McNair regarding the future of Charly Casserly. There was so much space between the lines, you could read the answer without glasses. Bye, bye Charley. Now Where is Roger? At home working with Koby.

So, if Crazy Daisy pulls her crap tonight she'll find herself in the bathroom, again! Now, where did I put my coffee?


annieskyman said...

Hey mom, i'll trade you two kids for two dogs...
skylar woke up at 2 this morning and just started playing in his room which in turn woke up michael, which also in turn woke me up....
can i trade them in?

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! Don't you hate that! Izzy woke me up at 2:30am the morning before last & I could have just killed her!

S said...
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Isabella said...

We have a street of hispanics behind us and they talk funny, play their music real loud and pee outside in their front yards. My humans think it is disgusting, but since I pee in my yard, too, it doesn't bother me.
Big Wags,