Friday, March 16, 2007

A Daschund as a Scapegoat?

There is a sad story in the news here. A 5 month old infant was injured and his genitals severely injured. The mother claims that he was mauled by the family dog, a daschund. A daschund? I've had daschunds for a lot of years and I have never seen this kind of behavior. My dogs have growled or snapped on occasion, only if they felt threatened. I just don't see that a daschund could or would do something so terrible to a baby. The local CPS is also skeptical about this claim. The child's mother said she was sleeping and woke to hear the baby crying. She said he was lying next to the dog. According to a neighbor the baby was naked. The mother apparently ran to the neighbor for help. Police are still investigating, but they don't think the dog did it. CPS says that they have never seen anything like this. The baby is now in the hospital and has had surgery. Reports are that he will probably never be able to have children and may have problems all his life as a result of this.

Who knows what really happened. The mother is not being fully cooperative with the police and her boyfriend was apparently not home at the time. I just don't understand why she would accuse the daschund of such a terrible thing. Now the poor little dog is in custody. I guess they could kill the dog and do a necropsy to see if any human tissue is in the stomach or intestine. But what if there is none? Lets just say that the baby and the dog deserve better. Hopefully the police will solve this crime soon and the daschund will be vindicated.


Duez said...

That was a terrible story. Couldn't believe it while I was reading it.

I had a daschund when I was very little... I can not imagine that kind of dog doing that.

The mother is a terrible person, for sure.

cube said...

This is awful. I've never had a daschund, so I can't speak for their character. My guess is that a good forensic pathologist can get to the bottom of the child's injuries. I'm not comfortable with the mother's "story". What responsible person takes a nap while their baby is naked & within reach of any dog?