Thursday, March 08, 2007

Government Dysfunction?

It seems like every time I look at a news issue which involves our government, there is no answer. Maybe it is my imagination. It does not seem follow any party line, it just seems to waste time. Looking at the bipartizan panels and what they have done, or not done, recently I wonder what does get done. The recent commissions on 9/11, the Iraq War and now Military Health Care are just the most covered issues of late. The President appoints a panel to research and offer suggestions about an issue. The report is published. The President reads it. Then off to report heaven it goes, never to be heard from again. A lot of people were very critical of the lack of response to the 9/11 report. The Iraq War report has been sort of swept under the rug. Now that Mr. Bush wants a panel to study the problems with Walter Reed and other military health care issues. I have a sinking feeling that unless the American public does not demand action, there will be little done.

The Senate and House both have their pet projects. Each state has issues they want to present to their elected representatives. I get the feeling that there is a lot of money spent by our government on doing very little. We have all heard of the millions, or billions spent on "pork" that ultimately benefits very few. On big issues of national interest we have the same problem. Lots of talk, little action. Maybe the Walter Reed disaster will change this. I hope so, but...

If a business were to run the way the government does it would be in bankruptcy. Maybe we could turn the government into a for profit company? Nah, they still couldn't accomplish anything. Are we paying our government by the word? There seems to be a lot of words spoken but little done. Let's watch what is done about the military health care system. This terrible situation is center stage. As far as I am concerned how this is handled will dictate not only how we solve problems but how the world will view us.


Anonymous said...

Very well stated. As I grow older it seems like government decisions are being made by people very immature. There is very little follow through. I know the public's attention span is short, but our leaders should be more focused.