Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just How Does a Person Fall Off a Cruise Ship?

What is going on here. I have seen several stories about people falling off cruise ships. How does that happen? I've never been on a cruise ship and don't really want to but that is just me. So how come there are so many people falling from these ships? These are not small boats. They are multiple stories high. I am guessing that there are railings along the deck sides. Are they not high enough to keep someone from falling? I saw a story a couple of years ago about a girl who fell off a motel balcony. It became a murder investigation.

Do these people who have fallen off cruise ships do it on purpose? Are they drunk, or seasick?Are they leaning over the rail to watch the ocean? Or is it a Titanic moment in which they think they are "king of the world"?

The latest accident happened around Galveston. Let's face it, a cruise ship won't stop quickly. The Coast Guard was called and the cruise ship had to stop and tell all the passengers to be quiet while the ship's crew shined lights into the water in an effort to find the overboard passengers. Luckily both passengers were rescued. Now they are apparently not talking. Hummm. Are they waiting for a book offer? Or how about a movie? They may be waiting a while. Wonder why they have nothing to say?


Vulture 6 said...

And naked too... How do you fall off WHILE being Naked?

HIs I took my clothes off as a survival method... it doesnt wash.

Jan said...

Some of the most bizarre moments in the history of the human race get made into a movie of the week.

Poseidon said...

Lots & Lots & Lots of alcohol.

cube said...

Yeah, I'm with Poseidon. It's the same thing that causes Spring Breakers to fall off balconies.