Monday, March 05, 2007

There's a Tear in His Eye

Amanda went to Waco this weekend to visit her sisters and their families. They don't get much chance to visit as often as they would like. So she and her friend drove up there from Houston. They had a real party. Good old Texas sausage, beer and whatever. Amanda showed us pictures of the kids. Kids grow so fast. On her way home she called her Dad to tell him when she would be home. She also told him that Traci, Annie and she got together to fix some flower arrangements for the graves of Jimmy's parents. Amanda also took some pictures for him. He was very touched. As he got off the phone I noticed he was a little emotional, which he rarely is. The thought of the girls taking the time to do that really made him happy (and a little sad). Sometimes just a little thought helps. I think that was a very nice thing for them to do. Thank you, girls.


B.R.L said...

The girls thoughtful action was very nice.

Anonymous said...

It's small thoughtful gestures that always mean more than the elaborate, planned and expected ones.