Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just Thinking

Daisy and I went on our usual afternoon walk yesterday. Since it is Spring Break here there were some children outside. One cute little boy asked if he could pet her. I told him that would be ok. Daisy enjoyed the attention. But for a brief moment I worried. What if I were a stranger? I had seen the boy before from a distance occasionally. I had met his parents a couple of times when they went for a walk. But, for some reason, I felt strange and thought what if? With so many child predators out in the world, I just kept thinking about how easy it would have been. I remember seeing a tv report of how these people attract kids. Sometimes they ask the kids to help look for a dog or offer something to the child. I'm sure that somewhere a predator has used a dog or puppy as bait. I don't know why but this thought would not leave my head. Would this child be as eager to pet the dog if someone else was doing it? So, maybe I'm overreacting but... Too many children fall prey to unsavory characters. At least most of my neighbors have seen me walk Daisy every day. We don't know each other personally but I guess since I live in the neighborhood, they are not worried. But should they be worried? Daisy had fun. She bounced around and looked at me as if to say "that was fun Mom". But, I wonder, what if? Just thinking.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I'm not raising young children today. Parents have to walk such a line between making their children be cautious and making them terrified of the world.

cube said...

It is harder to raise kids today. I can't believe how lax some people are!