Monday, March 26, 2007

That Missed Call

I forgot to take my cell phone downstairs with me the other day. I keep it in the drawer of the bedside table so that Daisy won't be tempted. I accidentally left the remote on the bed and she chewed the cover off the battery holder. Needless to say, I dont want Daisy to think of my phone as a snack. So when I realized I didn't have my phone, up the stairs I went. As luck would have it, I had missed a call from my daughter. So I called her back.

"Hi, what did you want?"

"This is the other daughter, do we sound that much alike?"

"Well, other daughter, yes you do and it's not like I talk to you that much anyway. So why are you, other daughter, answering the other other daughter's phone"

"Because she is trying to figure out how to use my vacuum cleaner in her car."

"I see, well, other daughter, give the other other daughter's phone to her so I can ask her what she wanted."

"Ok, Now as I said the first time when I spoke to the other daughter, what did you want?"

"I don't remember."

"Where are you, and how come the other daughter answered the phone?"

"We're at the other daughter's house cause we are going to Colorado and she is keeping the kids for us. I wondered why she said she was the other daughter."

"Yeah, well she handed you the phone, now that makes you the other daughter, since I was talking to the other daughter and now I am talking to the other, other daughter."

"What do you mean I'm the other, other daughter? I'm the good daughter."

"Well since I just spoke to the other daughter and now I am speaking to you, that makes you the other daughter, right?"

"Uh, I have no idea, and I am getting a headache trying to figure this out."

"Well that's what I get for having two daughters who sound so much alike.So now tell the other daughter I said goodby and I'll talk to the other, other daughter when she remembers what she called me for in the first place. Right? Is that too hard to remember? She answered your phone and told me she was the other daughter, so since she handed you the phone that means she handed the phone to the other, other daughter."

Sometimes it is more fun to confuse daughters than it is to talk to them. Of course I don't think either of the other daughters have figured it out yet.


Catch said...

as I posted the other day....good reasons NOT to have a cell At least you got to talk to both of your daughters~!!!!