Friday, January 16, 2009

DMX - Not The Place I Want To Be

Poor rapper DMX is in jail in Arizona. Poor Baby. He did the crime and has to do the time in pink. Sheriff Joe Arpaio runs a tough jail in Maricopa County. He makes the inmates wear pink jail uniforms. He is known for his tough, no nonsense approach. But poor DMX is not happy because he thinks the pink jail clothes are disrespectful!

DMX is complaining that being in jail and wearing pink is "not where I want to be". So what does he want? He's in jail for numerous felonies but he is complaining about the pink uniforms! Maybe he'd like some designer duds? Poor fella just does not understand the concept of jail. Just how does a pink jailhouse frock disrespect him? My answer, if you get caught committing crimes in Maricopa County,Arizona, be prepared to be "pretty in pink" while serving your time in jail. Jail is not a country club, at least in that county.

Personally I have no problems with the jail clothes. Jail is tough and it is supposed to be. Felony crimes are not funny. I guess DMX thinks he is special. My answer? Hey, DMX, if you want to do the crime, don't do it in Maricopa County Arizona.


cube said...

Boo frickin' hoo for DMX.

dmarks said...

They should give him a choice.... such as what he is wearing now, or pink bra and panties.

Bazza said...

That sherrif sure sounds like he knows how to reduce re-offending.

Dr.John said...

What does he want? Designer prison garb?