Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Do You Mean You Don't Have Time?

Busy? No time? Yeah right...get off the poker table! I don't really know what this says about the situation, but it seems funny to me. Jimmy spends almost all his non-working time playing poker on line with his friends. They chat, tell jokes and talk about all sorts of things while they play.Is he addicted to this? Maybe. Maybe it is a stress relief. Then again...?

One of the guys that Jimmy works with has been getting movies on his computer. Last week he streamed one over to Jimmy's laptop. It took forever. As far as I am concerned, not my problem. Jimmy was a little astonished that it took so many hours. Yeah, and how long does he play poker each day? Talk about a long time. He comes home from work, grabs his laptop and starts playing poker. He stops just long enough to eat when I tell him that supper is ready. Then back to the game he goes. He continues to play after I go to bed. Sometimes on the week-ends he plays way into the early morning. Then he sleeps longer. Hum...When he gets up, back to the poker table. We lead such and exciting life...

I nearly fell over the other day when his friend asked him if he had watched the movie yet. "I've got some more..." Jimmy actually said "When do I have time?" What? I thought to myself he could just not play poker for a couple of hours, right? What do you mean, you don't have time? Jeez! Pry your fingers off the game and push play on the movie!

Personally I don't know how anyone can sit in a chair (recliner no less) with a laptop sitting on a tray table playing poker, or any game, for hours on end. If I tried that, something would hurt after a while. Either my eyes would start to swim, my shoulders, neck, elbows, or hand would soon be screaming objections. Just how does he do it? Beats me. But he says he hasn't had time to watch a movie, yeah right. Humph.


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