Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Stuck in Park, No Movement Here

Ever have a day that starts off wrong? I'm having that kind of day. We've been having a problem with the Trans Am which is to say the least, irritating. In order to get the car out of park you have to step on the brake and push in the button on the shift lever to get the car into gear. It has become harder and harder to get it out of park. So of course today I have several errands to run, including paying bills and getting stamps to pay those bills as well as pick up a couple of grocery items. I get in the car, start it, press the brake and push the gear shift button. Nothing. The more I try the madder I get. What really maddens me is the thought of having to wait until Jimmy gets home to see if he can get it to work. That irritates me cause I would rather not have to do things later in the afternoon. Traffic around here after 2:00pm is horrible. I'm steamed!

I talked to a car care guy who said that the problem is that when you step on the brake, that sends electricity to a little motor on the gear shift assembly to unlock it. He thinks that is wearing out. I had to laugh cause when he said I could replace this thing or just remove the "stupid thing" as he called it. He said "it's a pretty stupid safety device anyway". Yeah, thanks. I talked to him in December and Jimmy was going to see about getting someone to remove it. Well of course that has not happened yet. Now I'm stuck!

So, since I can't apparently go anywhere I do need to download some forms so that I can send off for a rebate on a computer program we bought. So I have to download another program so that I can print the papers to send off to get the lousy $10.00 rebate. I wait and wait to get all this done. Finally I have everything ready to mail. Oh wait, I can't do that cause I don't have any stamps which I was going to get this morning but... This may become one of those days when people may need to stay out of my way. So where did I put the vodka? Grrr....Maybe tomorrow will be better? Yeah, right.


cube said...

Sounds like you're having a bad day. We all get them now & then.

BTW we keep the vodka in the freezer.