Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How about lowering my bills?

Gas prices and the Huge oil industry profits have me thinking how companies could change their image. I used to own stock in companies like WalMart, Exxon and some other companies. I learned some things about corporations by buying and selling stocks. Dividends were always nice. When I owned IBM I put my dividends back into a purchase fund. So, how come companies dont think of ways to back back their customers? It seems that every time I turn around prices are going up. The electric bill, cable, phone, insurance, gas, retail stores. So, when profits are good, how come companies dont reduce prices? For example Time-Warner recently raised our cable bill about $2.00. But, I've never heard of any of these companies lowering prices. Send me a letter telling me you are lowering your monthly rates. Not going to happen. If stock holders can get benefits when the companies are doing well by stock splits or increased dividends why can't customers get the same benefits. What happened to the price rollback guy from WalMart? Of course I think that whenever WalMart ran the rollback prices commercials that usually meant some other item was going up in price. I think it would be a novel idea if more companies showed appreciation to their customers instead of just those who can afford to buy stock.Instead of everything going up, it would be nice to get an insert in my electric, water, cable, phone, etc bills saying that these companies have appreciated their customers and made nice profits and they will be lowering my monthly bills. What a concept! Unfortunately I doubt this will ever happen. But it would be nice to think that the average person could get a break. I wonder how many more customers these companies would get if they lowered the bills. But I guess the big companies can't afford to give us little people a break. In the capitalistic society it is buyer beware. Supply and demand. Companies always say that the cost of doing business is constantly rising so they have to raise their prices. And the little people like me always get stuck with the increase. I wonder if any company has ever thought about it? Would it really hurt to buck the trend and lower a customer's bill?


S said...

Did you see that Blockbuster reported a loss of like $491.5 million due to their "No Late Fees" program. Makes ya wonder if that program cease to exist in the near future.

I'm amazed that all these companies can get approved for rate hikes & yet when was the last time minimum wage went up? Not that that would help those of us that are above or salary employees... it just stinks all the way around the table!

eohjkrfglaksjdfhgk said...

Walmart is the most crooked, fake, destructive company in the world....cheers!



Anonymous said...

The only goal for a compan is to make as much money for their stock holders. This is why when a comapny lays off 500,000 peopel thier stock goes up and all the fat cats are hapy. Meanwhile 500,000 people have just lots their income and benifits. Also the goverment gives tax breaks to oil companies while their profits are the highest ever.