Friday, November 11, 2005

Texans attack Colts

Yeah right. The Texans will "play" the Colts Sunday. The question is not how badly they will lose, but what are the odds that they could actually beat the Colts? Slim to none. However, many a strange thing has happened in the NFL. More often than not a no-nothing team bites a winning team in the ass. After what do they have to lose? While there is a slim chance for a surprise win by the Texans, I doubt it. The Colts are just too good. The Texans are 17 point underdogs. No-one would suggest to the Texans that they need to continue to be the worst NFL team, but it would indeed benefit them. After all with the worst record, they get the first draft pick. If the Texans get the top pick it wont really matter who it is. Probably the top pick will be a quarterback or running back. The Texans should take who ever they pick and immediately trade him for an offensive line. While David Carr is a good quarterback, he seems to be shell-shocked all the time because he has no help to protect him. It does not matter what plays are called because the line stinks. The team made a coaching change earlier this season to no avail. Team owner Bob McNair can not afford to continue footing the bills for a losing team. Attendance is down. Rumors are swirling about the future of Capers and Casserly. It may be time for a change. The Texans should hope and work toward the goal of getting the first draft pick and then maybe a new head coach and general manager. If any or all of these changes aren't made I really doubt the Texans will go anywhere. They might as well put a down payment on the basement, they're gonna be there a while. But then again, the Houston Chronicle wrote off the Astros and look where they went. But, the Texans really need an offensive line. And when is the draft?


S said...

I'm sorta thinking the Colts will stampeed the Texans but like you said; stranger things have happened.

I feel bad for Carr. I think he had/has great potential but one man can't do it alone.

The draft was towards the end of April this year, I think it's the same year round.