Friday, November 04, 2005

Sports Stars vs Children

Our local CBS station has been running a series on local pro sports stars who are not paying their child support. One report was on Antwan Peek who has four children from three different women. He owes in the 5 figure range for each kid. He is not the only sports figure to be in this situation. What is with these guys? Some of the guys apparently have had these kids but were not married to the child's mother. Some like Ricky Williams have multiple problems in addition to child support issues.His drug problems are well known. While everyone realizes that marriages go bad and many have children involved, but some of our sports heros just seem to procreate without any regard to taking care of the products of the unions. Now, these pro stars make a lot of money, so how do they manage to get so far out of control? I just dont understand why they think that they can do what they want and not have to pay like the rest of people paying child support. I realise that most people who watch pro sports dont really care about the private lives of these people, but I know their children do.Who is really responsibe here? Did the women trick these guys just to get money, or are these men stupid? Whatever the opinions are, this is irresponsible parenting.


cube said...

Just because someone is capable of having children doesn't mean they will be capable parents. I think people should be responsible for the consequences of their behavior. It's a basic requirement for a civilized society.

S said...

What I would like to know is; why aren't these people in jail for not paying child support? Are they above the law??