Friday, August 18, 2006

Messages from Above?

The other day a guy from San Antonio had all the news people buzzing because of a tree with water pouring out of it. Some believers thought it was a sign. Others looked for some other explanation. The guy said he was sitting outside reading his Bible and noticed the water. Interesting, he was also wearing a Star Of David necklace. Guess he wanted to have all his bases covered. At some point the city decided to investigate. A crew was sent to check it out. They turned of the water to the man's house and the water stopped flowing from the tree. Hum? A sign?

Now a worker at an upscale chocolate factory has found a lump of chocolate that seems to look like the Virgin Mary. Just add this to the ever growing sightings of people who see images of Jesus or Mary in just about everything from a piece of bread to trees, or windows.

What does all this mean? The ney-sayers say that it is just a persons immagination. Others say these various sightings are messages from God. Are they? Are we all to the point that we will grasp at almost anything to "believe". Look at how so many ministers are saying that the Israel-Lebanon conflict is just the begining of the end of the world. Throughout history, there have been sightings or signs attrubited to messages from God. There have been statues that appeared to cry or look like they are bleeding. What should we believe? Scientists say that there is always a good explanation for things. The tree's roots apparently grew into the water pipes. That was fairly simple to diagnose. But what if all these things are signs? Hum?


Unknown said...

I made a tortilla with the image of Jesus and Mary on one side, and Elvis and Richard Nixon on the other side. This is a sign that Elvis was a closet republican and Jesus listens to Elvis music.
Truly a sign from God.

Lori's Minute said...

Very thoughtful post. I don't know...sometimes I think when people are at their lowest, they are looking for signs. I think if it helps the person believe, ok. I already believe so I do not need signs. Those who do not believe usually would not see anything as a sign.

Just my thought...

Anonymous said...

For as long as I can remember (and never mind how long) there have been signs of Doom, the end of the world, God's dissatisfaction with the world or whatever. And yet the world goes on. I can remember some people in northern Indiana who went to Lake Michigan because their leader said that Jesus was returning to earth and that was the spot He had chosen. He didn't so they all went home.

Pixie said...

I don't think these "signs" or "images" as a hoax but I'm not drawn to them like hundreds upon thousands of people are. It's all in the eye of the beholder I guess. I did see the water flowing from the tree & thought that was rather weird. Never heard anymore about it; so they turned off his water & it stopped; would definately tell me the two are connected. Still it's wild.

Saw the Texans preseason game this weekend. Lookin good; my hopes are still pretty high that they will have a great year! :-)