Monday, August 28, 2006

Saturday's Downhill Race

We thought we'd do something different Saturday. For some reason, Jimmy decided he wanted to go to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see the Body Worlds exhibit. We figured that since it was going to close soon most of the crowds would be gone. Oh, no, not a chance. By the time we got there, before noon, the only tickets still available were for 8:46PM. Nuts, should have bought those tickets on-line. We then decide to leave and go somewhere else. As we walk back to the park it starts to rain. Nuts. By the time we get to the car, we are of course, soaked. Then we discovered that one headlight won't pop up. Nuts again. Well, since we were downtown we decided to salvage the day by going to the Galleria. After going around and around the underground parking lot, we finally see a parking slot about to open. As we wait for the car to pull out of the slot, a chick in a small blue car pulls in between us and the parked cars. As I sat in total disbelief this woman cuts us off and whips into the space we were waiting to take. Mad is not the word! Though I doubt she heard me (or cared) I yelled some less than gentile things at her. I thought about getting out of the car and confronting her, but I figured with my luck, she'd have a gun.

After finally getting a parking spot we went into the mall. Once again, I was shocked. The once ritzy mall had changed. Of course it had been a few years since we had been there. We entered on the skating rink level. It was so noisy, I started getting irritated. There was almost nothing except the food court and the skating rink there. I got crabby in a hurry. So we went upstairs to walk around some of the elite stores. I realize not everyone has the money to buy from these stores, but I always enjoyed looking. We walked by stores like Ralph lauren, Yves St Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and Tiffany's. One or two stores had a customer. Most of the stores had only sales people there. As we looked into Cartier we saw just the security guard and one employee. All these people in the stores looked bored. Guess the rich people weren't shopping. Saddest of all, to me, was Neiman Marcus. The store had more people trying to spray, spritz, and slather me with perfumes and stuff I didn't want than people actually buying anything. There was no gift or home furnishings, no Neiman Marcus goodies. Everything seemed to be on sale. Yeah, like I want to buy a child's leather jacket on sale for $2600.

I assume the mall does most of it's business during the holidays. I saw very few people with any purchases. I guess that the Weston Oaks hotel is doing a good business. I found the whole experience rather depressing. It just wasn't the place that we used to enjoy.

I was just really surprised how far down hill things have gone. Why would I buy something there from a store like Footlocker? I can go to Footlocker at just about any everyday mall. I was so looking forward to getting something from Neiman Marcus. Oh well, Target will have a new store near my house in October.


Pixie said...

I can't handle our mall on a saturday. I haven't been to the Galleria here in years. Just too rich for my blood. I'm sorry your tv/cable wigged out on you during the game. I have to say the Texans looked darn good & I was actually getting a bit worried. Saw their schedule & they have a rough one but I have faith in them. Carr is going to blossom, I just know it.